Today, we will discuss, on choosing the right company for your auto detailing needs. It might seem like an attractive idea at first to look for cheaper alternatives, close by places or even swinging detailing your car on your own.

But that is where this blog comes into the picture. Here, you will read on what are the potential risks of assigning the job to someone without doing due diligence. While you may get lucky and the person might do the job right, but remember, if they did not do the job right it will do more harm to your car- parts than good.

Detailing Your Car: To get professional help or not to get professional help?

• Is that even a question?
There are some things in life that you should generally avoid, like:

• Eating at a place that probably has not passed its food safety test.
• Hiring a security guard with no certification.
• Installing a sketchy software just because you got it free.
• Handing over your keys to someone who doesn’t have either insurance or, more scarier no license”!

Same goes without saying, for trusting just about anyone to handle the detailing of your prized possession.

Few risks of not getting an expert for detailing your car:

• Damage to your Vehicle: There is always a slight chance of damage to your vehicle’s coating or even paint if quality products are not used for a wash. If the buffs, scrubs&brushes used are of cheap quality then it leaves scratches and swirl marks. If water somehow makes it’s way to the engine cleaning it can cause harm.

• Sealants: If improperly applied, it will be as good as if it where not applied at all. What’s bad for you is staying under the impression that your car is protected from contaminants. Also quality will play a factor in how often you will have to get a sealant coating. A professional would know which and how many coatings of a sealant to apply based on the car’s condition.

• Waxing and/or Polishing: Common sense dictates to have your car thoroughly washed before waxing or polishing. But, what if dirt is too minute to be visible? Only an expert would think of taking the precaution of washing before detailing your car. Also, over waxing just to make a little extra money is a potential risk, as any more layers after the first coat is unnecessary. On the other hand over polishing can scrape away the wax or paint.

• Tools and Techniques used: Wrong tools, mixed up with the wrong techniques, equals recipe for disaster. Rendering your car ugly if not broken. Also, improper cleaning supplies can damage the upholstery or other interiors.

Conclusion: Get Professional Help

It takes years of experience and learning to ensure the best services are delivered. Experienced Auto Detailers will have international certifications within the motor industry. Considering those who are not experts, might fail to understand that detailing needs is a ‘case by case basis’ situation. Every car brand is different and more importantly, every car’s current condition could be different. Raising the NEED to seek out a professional. The primary job of detailing a car is to make your car look prettier and the ride more enjoyable. Apart from that, there is a default advantage of extending the life of your vehicle by its proper maintenance through routine cleaning and detailing. Always keep in mind who you are trusting with the responsibility of detailing your car.



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  1. October 2, 2021 at 7:41 pm
    Frank Prince

    This is a really good article, it brings to the point that you should never be pennywise pounds foolish when it comes to detailing your prized possession!

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